​​​Jackson Davis HealthCare. Inc is the nation's #1 resource for RAC appeals, TPE appeals & UPIC appeals.  We CAN help you build a rock-solid case against CMS audits, develop & submit your Medicare & Medicaid appeals, perform vital transaction due diligence audits and enhance your organization's CMS compliance & program integrity.

Over the past 30 years, we have assisted 100s of healthcare providers across-the-country in building winning appeals for 10,000+ Medicare and Medicaid cases.  Everyday, our professionals work side-by-side with the nation's best healthcare providers to insure their financial viability prevent recoupment from RAC audits, TPE audits & UPIC audits.

We can help with on-site compliance education of medical / clinical staff, clinical documentation improvement, comprehensive CMS compliance reviews, help you build winning Medicare & Medicaid appeals, physician expert testimony, transaction due diligence or simply be your "go to" resource for CMS compliance questions.  We are passionate and wholly dedicated to your success.  Call or email us today - we CAN help!

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