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Jackson Davis HealthCare, Inc. is the nation's #1 resource for Medicare & Medicaid RAC appeals, TPE appeals & UPIC appeals.  We are the go-to resource for providers nationwide for RAC audit defense, TPE audit defense, UPIC audit defense, RESTORE Program Integrity services, medical staff compliance education, clinical documentation improvement, transaction due diligence audits, periodic internal audits and ongoing CMS compliance services.

Over the past 30 years, Jackson Davis professionals have assisted 100s of healthcare providers nationwide in building winning appeals for 10,000+ Medicare and Medicaid cases. We work side-by-side with integrated health systems, physician practices, skilled nursing facilities, hospices, home health agencies, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, DME suppliers and physical therapists to insure CMS compliance and win Medicare & Medicaid appeals.  RAC appeals, TPE appeals, UPIC appeals, OIG audits, USAO audits, Medicare & Medicaid
 audit extrapolations, defending against CMS fraud allegations, transaction due diligence and a wide range of proactive CMS compliance services - we are in your corner and we prove it every day.

​Comprised of former healthcare executives, certified legal nurses, experienced billing compliance advisors and independent board-certified physicians - Jackson Davis is the proven leader in applying CMS coverage criteria to build winning Medicare & Medicaid appeals. Jackson Davis provides CMS audit defense support to providers ranging in size from $10.0B multi-hospital health systems and major academic medical centers to free-standing hospices to home health agencies to individual physician practices.  Our experienced, industry-leading compliance & medical staff has provided crucial guidance & CMS compliance services to international healthcare consulting firms and publicly-traded clinical information technology organizations.

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​Jackson Davis professionals work with healthcare providers everyday to build the nation's best RAC audit, TPE audit & UPIC audit defense strategies and win Medicare & Medicaid appeals. Our clients are at the forefront of insuring CMS compliance with all current Medicare & Medicaid coverage criteria and CMS evidence-based medical necessity requirements. 

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